Community – Sharing TV systems

Neighbours sharing & community systems

For many people who wish to receive Satellite television, sharing with your neighbours will reduce the cost for each householder. Depending on how the properties or urbanisation has been set out it can be possible to connect direct neighbours, skip a few houses down the street or even connect the entire road.

Using solely a different type of LNB will allow up to 4 separate people to be connected off one dish.

To connect with more than 4 people with good stability requires additional equipment, which can allow from 2 neighbours sharing to hundreds of people in a larger community.

Free from ongoing monthly subscription payments

you can receive over 250 satellite Free to air English language channels. You will get the same original quality of picture & sound as you would in the UK – HD, 4K & Dolby Digital surround.

Example – Sharing a dish for 4 neighbours

1.45 metre high gain satellite dish with. Upgrade to Quad output LNB.

Total cost for 4 neighbours sharing a dish using dish size above, would be between €250-€350 per household depending on dish size & includes satellite receiver.

This is an example is based on properties in close proximity to each other, such as quad properties. Sharing a smaller dish would reduce costs further.

You can connect as many local community members off a dish as you require – 8, 16, 32 or an entire community.

Above – Very colourful, though sharing a single dish would have been less clutter & considerably cheaper.

We offer a no obligation site survey for neighbours sharing & community installations.

Community Television TV Installations – Costa Blanca & Calida, Spain

Satellite & IPTV – Standard cable or Fibre Optic satellite systems. These allow an entire community to receive full satellite reception from a single dish. Using the UK Astra satellites as an example, the end user will be able to receive in excess of 200 free to air channels with the use of a standard or high definition satellite receiver. This option offers the most variety in terms of programming content & channels. Multilingual community systems are available using multiple dishes. A community satellite or IPTV system is a shared television service between either a community or a number of private residents within that community.

Television Technology installs, maintain & repair existing systems of all sizes. Cable or fibre optic.

For an accurate assessment, we offer a no obligation site survey.

Even if only a few individuals in your community initially require UK TV, making it difficult to reach an agreement for an entire community – It is now possible to put a cost-effective satellite system in place, which would allow the facility for other community members to add on to the service at a later stage.

The most cost-effective long-term solution – Rental schemes can cost over €300 per year per household (monthly subscriptions), to maintain a community satellite system based on a 5 year period, averages less than €25 per year per household.

IPTV community systems – Equipment is now available for these type of services, to allow flexible content and multi language content. These systems are only viable where a stable and fast internet connection is available. Please contact us by email for further information on community IPTV systems.

Right – 3.1 metre dish in El Valle Polaris World golf resort.
Supplying television to 12 apartment blocks & commercial centre.
System includes a further 3 dishes for over 700 properties via a fibre
optic network within golf resort.
Right – Villamartin, 2.4 metre satellite dish.
Astra UK System – Cable provision of connection to 164 units, including mix
of private villas, bungalows & apartments.

4 streets connected to Single Famaval 2.4 metre dish 12km of shielded
subterranean coaxial cable.

Frequently asked questions
Satellite reception – Is it legal?

Yes – The main equipment is owned by the community and each individual is defined as an end user who retains ownership of their own receiver. This is not a rebroadcast system and you are not receiving a retransmitted or rebroadcasted signal. Directly from satellite, original service.

Right – Res Albatros in Murcia, 2.4-metre dish with custom fabricated bracket – mounted in a car park, though out of harm’s way.

How many channels would I receive?
You will receive over 200 channels, see more here. And will also have the further options of receiving subscription channels. New free to air channels are being added each month.

What is required for planning permission? Planning permission from local town hall is not required & is defined as a right under EU law.

Can I be switched off?

-Long term stability? No as each individual is an end user receiving a direct non rebroadcasted satellite signal. This defined under EU directive IP/01/913 – 2 July 2001 requiring no planning permission. The equipment once in place is under the ownership of the community. As you are receiving the signal direct from the satellite, you are not beholden to a rebroadcast or third party service provider. This ensures long-term stability as you cannot be switched off as the service you are receiving is fully legal.


Legal UK TV reception.

You cannot be switched off – Direct from satellite.

High quality digital picture 4K, HD & 3D available.

Dolby Digital DTS 5.1 & 7.1 surround sound

Ownership of equipment – Once installed the equipment is the property of the end user & community. No further rental or equipment subscription costs.

Large channel selection – over 200 free to air channels with the potential to upgrade via viewing cards to receive 100’s of further channels. More free to air channel being added continually.

New users can be added to the system at any point in time – no additional upgrade equipment costs for the community.